Welcome to Lisa Gebbia's "Bodywork with Aloha", your destination for traditional Hawai'ian Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditation Coaching, and other Hawai'ian inspired healing.

Ku Bodywork™ believes that working with the "whole you" is key to wellness, balance, and your overall health and happiness.

Providing ancient therapies that re-connect you to your core wellness values, Ku Bodywork™ assists in embracing the wisdom and power of your unique body-mind connection while encouraging you to promote harmony from within your own being.

Through a personalized, holistic approach, fine-tuned to your body and its energy, you will become more in touch with what you need to do for yourself to live a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life with acceptance and grace. (Aloha)

Make Ku Bodywork™ your destination for a transformative experience and raise your vibration, restore clarity of mind, regenerate your life force energy (Chi), and revitalize yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lisa Kai has the training, experience and wisdom to help you reach your goals.