Lisa has been working in the field of healing arts since 1998. Diverse training and rich teaching experience allows her to intuitively support you in multiple ways through body and spirit.
She is uniquely in- tune with subtle energy and listening to the body. Her specialty is helping you get out of your mind, let go of your stories, and connect more deeply to your inner self for everyday balance to live a healthy, vibrant, personally fulfilling life.
Her overall approach is designed to be a holistic process, working with the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - for inner transformation, physical well-being, and self-healing everyday.

There is a deep longing in the human spirit to connect with the heart and inner self. To live fully engaged, feeling more complete, in our lives.
My bodywork goes beyond traditional massage, and beyond the western concept that we are separate from all of life, to a place of deeper, connected, feel good, and empowered well-being.

I get to help people uncover their inner selves, reclaim their wholeness and well-being, and bring balance to their lives.
I get to support the transformation that takes place when you have that "I got it!" moment, and when you feel more complete and in alignment within the core of your being.
It doesn't get any better than this!
It is such a rich experience to see people balanced connected to their inner selves and everything around them.”

She can be contacted for an appointment by phone
@ 773-330-3214

Lisa Kai is one of Chicago’s finest specialty bodywork therapists. Her journey has taken her to the Islands of Hawaii and throughout the world to study with masters and teachers of Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral Therapy, Metaphysics, and Herbalism.

Her studies elevate her to the top of her field in understanding the body, mind, spirit connection and how it contributes to living a balanced life of well-being, balance, and happiness.

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Grounded in a heart centered, holistic approach, Lisa practices the art of deep listening. Using her gift of seeing others fully, in a non-judgemental way, she helps others uncover their inner selves and balance their relationship to their inner and outer worlds.

A session involves light conversation before, and deep listening with the bodywork.
Afterwards, you may feel clear, balanced, inspired, rested, and more complete: empowered to live life fully engaged with joy of simply being here!

In addition to individual sessions in her studio in Chicago, Lisa is an artist, creates organic herbal products, and teaches Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi with Sacred Lomi.

She can be contacted for an appointment by phone @ 773-330-3214
or on her FB business page through messenger.