Lisa has been working in the field of the healing arts since 1998. A vast range of training, apprenticing, and personal teaching experience allows her to work intuitively and spontaneously, conversing with your body and its energy to offer the best techniques to support you.
Lisa is uniquely in- tune with subtle energy and intuitive listening to the body. Her overall approach is designed to be multilayered and holistic, targeting the whole person: body, mind, spirit with the integration of this relationship for personal transformation, health, and self-healing. She meets you on your journey and holds space for possibilities.

I have always chosen the path less traveled. My bodywork addresses all aspects of being human - the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - going beyond the "disconnection theory" to a place of deeper well-being. Incorporating a physical approach that is grounded in Aloha, presence, meditation, and conscious living, I work to facilitate your body's own ability to achieve balance and wholeness.
I love to see the transformation that occurs when people are happy in their bodies and connected to their most authentic inner selves.
It is such a rich experience to see people in alignment with their life and everything around them.”

She can be contacted for an appointment by phone
@ 773-330-3214


Lisa Kai is one of Chicago’s finest specialty bodywork therapists. Her journey has taken her throughout the United States and the Islands of Hawaii to study with masters and teachers in her fields of focus: Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditation, and Shamanism.

Her studies of the physical body, energetics, and the psyche elevate her to the top of her field in understanding the body, mind, spirit connection and how it contributes to living a life of authentic well-being, balance, and happiness.

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Grounded in a heart centered approach, Lisa provides a non-judgemental perspective, centering, and balancing within her sessions. You can expect a clear, safe space where you will experience a gentle unwinding of muscular and mental tensions while observing your individual body-mind connection in a deeply relaxed state. After your sessions you may feel empowered, inspired, energized and aligned with a quiet stillness and clarity of thought permeating your entire being.

In addition to individual sessions in her studio in Chicago, Lisa provides Individual Reiki attunements, teaches meditation, and teaches Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi with Sacred Lomi.

She can be contacted for an appointment by phone @ 773-330-3214