Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that people have asked over the phone during our initial talk, or at a networking event when they would like more information...


Will I be covered during a session?
Yes. You will have proper draping.
This question is no longer valid as I do not work with men I have never met before. Period.
Mahalo for understanding.

* So you use the word “healing”. What do you mean?
To me, healing is the restoration of balance, love, and acceptance in your life.  I am a healing facilitator. I believe that all healing is self-healing.
Only you can accept healing energies and decide to release old energies or patterns of behavior and thought that have brought you to imbalance to begin with.
It is having a strong sense of well-being, feeling whole, and being in touch with the flow of life. - Lisa Kai

What is vibrational healing bodywork?
In Vibrational Healing, the therapist is working at a higher vibration. Their energy is enhanced by preparing for the session beforehand in quiet meditation. Upon connecting to your energy and body, your life force energy vibration is raised to theirs. This balances your body and strengthens its ability to heal itself. It strongly enhances any work that you receive through the therapist.

* Do I need to do anything special before any of the bodywork sessions?
Keep in mind, that in all types of bodywork, you will experience some sort of deep relaxation as your nervous system unwinds and rewires, so having a bit of an empty stomach is good. Be sure to eat a few hours before the session so that your stomach isn't digesting and you don't feel uncomfortable. Other than that, nothing else is required of you.

* The Body, Mind, Spirit wording makes me uncomfortable. What exactly is this connection?
Well, lets break this down. This is more of a holistic term rather than scientific. It relates to the acknowledgement of you as a whole person - the physical body, your mind (thoughts and emotions), and the part of you that exists beyond the physical realm; the connection to something deeper than just ourselves. (Your Spirit, Mana, Chi, Life Force Energy)
Each day, you connect to all these parts of yourself through exercise, decision making, emotions, and meditation or prayer. The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection is another way of of saying “the balance and harmony of well-being.”



* What are the benefits of Lomi Lomi massage?
The benefits of Lomi Lomi include not only the physiological benefits of a "regular" massage, but it also activates healing in relationship to yourself. 
It can burst you wide open, bring awareness to your energy patterns, assist in problem solving, and is IDEAL for inducing a state of complete calm and tranquility, inner harmony, balance, and deep peace so you find alignment in all areas of your life.
As esoteric as it sounds, you will feel a connection to all things around you, in your space, and in your life.

* What will I experience in a Lomi Lomi massage?
First off, let me say there is no right or wrong way to experience Lomi Lomi. Overall, you will experience deep, deep relaxation, more so than during a traditional massage. In other ways, some people have visions, some people connect deeply to the breathing and experience a trance-like state, some laugh or cry, and some people feel love they have never felt before. This is all perfect, as there really is no singular way to experience Lomi Lomi



* What happens during a session?
The session takes place in a safe, warm room where your confidentiality is honored.  It is performed with your choice of nature sounds or silence, while you are laying fully clothed on a massage table. Lisa will discuss the quality of touch at the beginning and will lay her hands gently on your body to help balance your energy throughout the session.
You may feel heat or cold, experience a gentle unwinding of muscles and energy patterns, fall asleep, or have old emotions leave you during the session.
You may not feel or experience anything at all except a deep relaxation during the session. This is all perfect in experiencing a treatment. (There is no right or wrong way.)
At the end, you will hear a soft bell or singing bowl to signal the completion of your session and bring you back to awareness slowly. Please leave time for yourself after the treatment for integration and relaxation.

* What are the benefits of craniosacral work?
Craniosacral works directly with your central nervous system and craniosacral system to balance and fine-tune the body and all its systems.
It is considered a form of energy work since the therapist cannot actually physically touch the spinal cord and nervous system, but uses a light palpation to pick up a cranial rhythm, called a wave.
Focusing on the wave (the cerebrospinal fluid movement that protects your brain and spinal cord) it releases tension within the craniosacral system (the area between the sacrum and cranium) optimizing and balancing the central nervous system for greater health, mobility, body awareness and much more.
How does it do this?
Well, to keep it simple and pure, your mind goes into an alpha brainwave state creating deep peace and relaxation throughout the body and all of its systems (nervous, muscular, meridians, chakras etc). You are in a deep meditative state where healing can occur.

Other questions

What is crystal therapy? and How does it work?
Crystals are minerals. We are made from minerals; this is what are supplements are - calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc. Each mineral in the earth turns into a different color on the spectrum depending on the purity, percentage of the mineral, it's hardness, and how heat infuses with quartz in the process.
Crystal therapy works like this: generally, each color of crystal relates to a particular chakra and the organs in that general area and also relate to certain minerals our bodies need to maintain homeostasis. Of course, there are metaphysical qualities of crystals as well, and even more complex scientific ways that they have the color they do, but this is the simplest explanation.

* What is energy?
Remember Einstein’s equation E=mc²? Well, this tells us that everything animate and inanimate is made from pulsating, creative energy. This pulsating, creative energy is the fundamental building block of life! It is the very Life Force (Mana, Chi, Prana) that animates us and moves through us.
It is our way of experiencing the world through our physical bodies, and outside of our bodies, in everyday interactions. We all inherently understand this.  
Energy is expressed through all things in all densities; electromagnetic waves, ion particles, light, and sound, become the living world all around us. All of it is vibrating at different frequencies to manifest into the material world we see, interact with, and soak in through our senses everyday!
So it IS as much a part of our lives today as it was for ancient cultures. We are just so busy that we don’t really ever think about it.