The "Safety" of Comfort

As adults, I think we often forget the beauty and grace of what it is like to meet new people face to face or try a new experience just because it's an experience - with no "reasons why" we should try it - and get out of our comfort zones. (AKA: our secure, safe lives)

safety = patterns = predictable. Is it worth it?

Rampant among many people, both sexes and all ages, are the phrases "I can't...." and "What if...?"

Well, what if we all let these "fear phrases" justify our lives and take control of everything we do? What if we all thought like this the first time we went to the park with our parents, or to any school?

I know I would have never met the kid who had the cool castle mold on the beach or met some of the best people in my life today. I also know that I would never have had the experience of getting my first massage, learning to skateboard, traveling around the world, and so on.

Diving into the unknown is part of life, with no strings attached, when we are young. But as we age, we have to know exactly what we are getting from it before it even happens. Why?
IT"S AN EXPERIENCE. You never know what will happen until you open up and try it.

Yes, it's a risk. But so is purchasing a used automobile, making a phone call to an interior designer, and even tasting a new food.

At some point that risk becomes an experience you can look back on and smile about. And it usually just gets better and better with the memory. (Hopefully. If not, just laugh and say "Oh well. I tried it, and nothing bad happened to me!)

So, I say, if it makes you uncomfortable and takes you out of your comfort zone of safety, you are on the right track. Go for it! Do it! ( But let's not do anything illegal or if you feel it endangers your life, think that one through please.)

Try to remember yourself as a kid reaching out to try something new, or watch your own kids reach out and try something new. I think you will expand the possibilities of your life in a powerfully enriching way and the safety of your comfort zone will begin to disappear.

Life again becomes an experience to enjoy and create.


Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday inspirations for health and wellness. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a tiki freak, loves nature and double dipping her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.