My 3 Simple Ways to Tune in and Ground myself

Grounding. It's so important these days.

So much happening in the world outside of ourselves and those of our close peeps.
So much happening so fast.
So much overload of information.

What is it you ask?
Well, grounding is a new age term - about coming back into your body. Plugging you back into the day. It's actually ages old, but now is associated with new agey, hippy people.
You can usually tell if you are ungrounded: you may feel flighty, unorganized, dazed, just a bit out of it. Perhaps you feel more unfocused and a bit listless in front of the computer for a long stint.

So, without more overload of information -
here are my 3 favorite ways to ground my energy throughout the day.

1. Touch the Earth. Be a hippy for a moment here. If you can literally touch the Earth with your bare feet, great, go for it, try it.
Feel the ground underneath you - the grass, the sidewalk, the sand.
Is it hot? Cold? Damp? Soft? Itchy? Ungiving? Wet?
Take a moment to just breathe in through your nose and let it go through your mouth. do this a few times.
Check in again - How does the ground feel underneath your bare feet now? Different?
How do you feel now?

2. Get out of your workspace and take a quick walk around the block.
Use this as a time to just clear your head and get a fresh perspective so you can feel more productive for the rest of the day.

3. Eat a piece of Chocolate. Yes, chocolate is indeed very grounding for the body, helping bring it back to a place of equilibrium.
If you aren't into chocolate - just EAT.
Eating is an act that brings you back into your body and assists in feeling more present, aware.

There are so many other ways to ground yourself when you are feeling a bit out of it because of daily stresses. These are my favorites.

I always tell people to experiment and find your own way that works. If one of mine happens to help you, awesome!
I am glad to be of some assistance.

Big Love and Sat Nam

Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Visionary Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday tips for practicing Aloha for the body, mind, and spirit. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a nature loving tikiphile, digs jazz (well, all types of music really!), double dips her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.