A bit of Southern Aloha

Well, it's still hot, and frankly, my concentration on the computer can be short. So, today, I am sharing a short story with you that I hope inspires you to be more graceful, as it did me...

This is a bit of Southern Style Aloha graced to me by my Great Aunt Geneva. This woman was an Arkansas spitfire, and the antithesis of everything a Southern woman is. She is one of the people who shared profound life lessons with me while she was alive. 

Here's one of them.

It's around 1982, Chelsea, Michigan. I am a teenager, into makeup, hairspray, looking cool, and being all that it was to be in the 80's. Even when just being with my family.

It was one of those hot, sticky days, where you could cut the air with a machete and it wouldn't make a difference. Carving a path to even walk outside and sit in the shade provided me with enough sweat all over my body to fill a bathtub.

I am outside sitting under a tree, reading a book and feeling hot. I see Aunt Geneva walking around picking plants and walking towards the lake. Not a drop of sweat, or even looking as if the heat was bothering her. At all!! (Amazing...)

I asked her "How can you be so cool and collected, and not feel the heat and the dense, oppressive humidity?"

She turned to me, with a "fan of plants" in her hand, and said,
"Honey, I am from the South. Southern women never sweat. We just move slowly and smile."

That's it! So now, whenever I am hot and feeling, well hot, I think of her. And yes, I DO actually move slowly and smile.

A deep life lesson from a great lady. Mahalo Aunt Geneva!

Stay cool everyone, and enjoy the day.