Harmony - I say it IS the light at the end of the tunnel. Many people come to me for sessions with the intention of seeking harmony.

Websters dictionary defines harmony as: a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things. Also as: accord and internal calm/tranquility.
Synonyms include balance, coherence, and unity.

Delving further into what this harmony is they are seeking, it seems to be what they felt/had before a change in their life occurred. Well, the "sucky" reality of this is is just what it is; when YOU have changed, when a part of you has opened to a new discovery of the world - what else is out there, beyond yourself perhaps - that old harmony no longer exists.
What you begin to seek are tools, support, and different ways to create a new harmony that is more congruent with the "new" you.

Personally, I am someone who flies the " I resist" flag until I have to give in, let go, and allow. I resist because I want all of my friends to come with me on my journey. I try to convince them why they should in different ways.

But I know that not everyone is meant to join me on this part of the journey. They are not ready to shift, and they never may be. (That's a tough one...)

In this learning to let go, I forgive myself and I forgive others. There is such a sadness in this. A deep sadness knowing some people will no longer be a big part of my life.

So what is left, after letting go and allowing, is a process of acceptance. It is not intellectual and does not rely on logic or rationality. It's a process, an experience. The experience of accepting this new space. This part of you that is emerging, exploring, "whatevering".

The truth of it is: It may take a while. It may not be for a long time. You may be riding on a surfboard: up, down, under, through, crushed down by a wave.

But, the good news is this: We are amazing, resilient people, us humans. With some sort of support ( a spiritual director, life coach, therapist, mentor, etc) we DO get through it unscathed.
Stronger and brighter, we are more in alignment with our deepest selves.
We are able to move forward wiser and gracefully, and share what we have learned with others.


Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday tips for practicing Aloha for the body, mind, and spirit. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a nature loving tiki freak, digs jazz, double dips her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.