Lomi Lomi - a quick Q & A

This is such a beautiful massage, is what I have been feeling during, and especially at the end of sessions lately.

Recently, I had a new client. They asked:
"What is the breathing? Are you breathing through your mouth? Does it have to do with the energy field?"
Me: Yes and Yes. The breathing is part of the massage experience. It is part of the ritual. I believe it also keeps the magnetic fields of both our bodies clear so the vibration stays "high" and healing.

They also asked:
"What is the sheeting (that I perform at the end) about?"
Me: To me, it represents a final clearing of whatever your intention was for the session and an awakening into the new. Revealing what is possible in your life and the world. Also, I see it as a new way of seeing things that may have been troubling your mind recently. A shift in perspective, usually to a more positive one.

Just a quick blurb this week! Mahalo for reading :)