Exploring Value and Gratitude

In a field where there are so many people trained to do the exact same thing, I am grateful for those who do, and really enjoy, regular massage therapy and other specific modalities, so that I can focus on and embody my specialties.

I value that they offer something different than I do. Not only does that create more of a sense of "we all work together" for me; it also allows me to value myself and what I have to offer in a deeper way, feel less competitive, and also allows me to support and respect those in my field who choose a different path.

The world becomes a little bit smaller and more unified for me, and I really like that.

What sparked this thought, you ask?
Well, a night of being around other body workers and massage therapists, but also a question someone once asked me a few months back,
" If you don't value yourself, and what you have to offer (art, finance, auto mechanics, therapy, etc.) how can you really value what others offer you? "

This is just my view, it may not be yours, and that's just fine with me.
I am just enjoying a new feeling of gratitude for those who offer something different, but within the same field as me.


Gratitude Mudra

Gratitude Mudra


Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday inspirations for health and wellness. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a nature loving tiki freak, double dips her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.

Finding the right Bodywork Therapist for YOU!

This is all about finding a good bodywork therapist and sticking with them. They will know your body best and how it responds to different modalities they may use. That therapist will take care of you better than someone who has no idea, and perhaps may not even care about you because they will never see you again. Maybe you like that, but I prefer relationships with those who I put my well-being into their hands and hearts.

I won't lie, this will cost you money. Bodywork Therapists work for a living, just like you do. Yes, we want to help people, but we also have mortgages and bills to pay. Many of us even have the same hours as you do, mainly during the day. You may think this is unfair, that we should be only available in the evening when you are off work, but we have families and obligations that require us to be present for our lives just as you do.

So, you will have to be patient, throw instant gratification out the window for this experience and try different therapists. When you find the one that vibes with you, personally, and you like their work, stick with them! You won't be disappointed.

Here are some things to remember on your search:



Try receiving a massage during the day.
Contrary to popular belief, this is a great way to keep you focused even if you go back to the office. A massage in the middle of the day breaks up the monotony and statistics show a rise in work improvement and focus. Interesting, huh? Plus, you just feel good afterwards. Period.




Throw convenience out the window if need be. It is highly overrated, especially when it comes to your well-being.
If you have tried people near you and they don''t jive with you, look a bit further out of your area. Maybe drive a bit, or take public transportation, but if you like them, why would you settle for something second best FOR YOU? This also gives you time to integrate the work in your body as well as your brain, keeping those stress levels down.



Keep an open mind. Different therapists provide different services. You may find 3 different therapists who provide three different services you love. One for Lomi Lomi, one for deep tissue, and an energy therapist. You don't need to book an appointment with all of them each month, but rotate them to experience the way different modalities make you feel. You may need one therapist for 3 months and another the next because sometimes your energy needs different things to keep it healthy.



If you are looking for a special type of bodywork, say Lomi Lomi or Craniosacral therapy, find someone who specializes in it.
Here's why. Anyone can take one class in a modality and say they do it. (even you) When someone specializes in it, not only have they committed to many hours of education, but they have also committed to embodying and receiving it regularly so that their knowledge and experience is deeper than someone who has taken a single class. It is what lights them up and makes their day. It's what they LOVE to do. So, when you receive a session from them, it shows.


Lastly, enjoy the experience!
Enjoy every moment of this search. Open yourself up to different types of massage, energy work and bodywork. There are interesting things that you may have never heard of before, that would be the perfect fit for you. For example: what is Jin Shin Do? Lomi Lomi? Watsu? Orthobionomy? So many interesting things out there, you never know unless you are open to trying something new. Enjoy them all.

Mahalo for reading through this. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. Have fun on your search and landing that perfect bodywork therapist, or therapists, for you!
Lisa Kai

Thanks also for reading this even if it is a bit "off" with pics and text - a new blog site, still learning. Big Mahalo.