Coffee and Cauliflower??!!!

Have your coffee and eat your veggies too??? !!!  Add some veggies to your morning cup of Joe???!!  What the ---- you say?

My frozen concoction with my favorite Tiki mug - The Islander :)

My frozen concoction with my favorite Tiki mug - The Islander :)


Weird right?? But oh so good.

My latest smoothie addiction thanks to The Blissful Basil blog. I have played with the original recipe and this is my favorite I have made so far this fall.

My sweetie and I both tried the cauliflower concoction at the same time after the initial recipe was tested saying - "here we go" and then being pleasantly, REALLY pleasantly surprised as to how it does not taste like cauliflower. A nice creamy consistency, sort of like soft serve...

I believe it's because it is frozen!!! Frozen cauliflower - freakin' brilliant Ashley.

To begin, I do not really have a relationship with coffee as some people do, so I apologize if this freaks them out.
But seriously, you should give it a try, if only to test it for yourself.
Although if you are a huge coffee aficionado, perhaps not with your $80 bag of coffee. (No grimacing and cussing over an expensive cup of coffee wasted please...)

S0 - Here goes:

What you need:
You will definitely need a high speed blender - that old 50's Oster will not cut it man. (Boo, I know)

1 c. milk of your choice
1c. frozen cauliflower florets (the smaller they are, the better they blend up)
2 bananas - 1 frozen for sure, the other can be room temp
3 - 4 coffee ice cubes (you know, put coffee into a tray and freeze it!)
splash of Vanilla extract

How to:
1. add milk to blender first, so it's at the bottom
2. then add the frozen cauliflower, bananas and ice cubes.
3. Drizzle a bit of vanilla extract on top
4. blend it up - to a creamy soft serve like ice cream consistency.
      - you will definitely need the damper wand to push the frozen stuff into the blender. and you may even need to stop the blender, push it down and then start it up again. A little bit of extra work, but oh so worth it!

If this isn't sweet enough for you, try adding a few dates to blender afterwards.

AND- I imagine that this is what a frappacino would taste like.
Maybe not, but hey, I have never had a frappacino, and that's my imagination at work :)

Thanks so much for reading and trying this recipe out - for the original, check out the Blissful Basil Blog - Ashley has a lot of really interesting and yummy recipes...

Blessings, Lisa Kai



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