It happens...

Some people just don't want to feel better.

This is something I have been coming to terms with as a professional bodyworker, and also, in my personal life.

There are many reasons for this, but I believe the biggest is that change will happen, not only in the physical/tangible sense if its applicable, but also in our minds.

We are all comfortable with our patterns. As humans, we like to stay in our comfort zones - it's comfortable - and we all like to be comfortable, secure, and play it safe. In all situations in our lives.
Sometimes these comfort zones become stories or habits that keep us in a state of being that no longer is working for us.

We are all attached to our stories. (I include myself here, no kidding.)

What's good to remember is that this story is not a part of who you actually are. Yep, it's just a story our mind has attached to. This is where you ask if the change is not occurring because it has become a story/excuse/reason for you not to participate in your life fully.

Yes, by letting the story or excuse or reason go, there may still be discomfort of some sort, but by embracing a new pattern that is happening (aka: change), you open the door for more growth and opportunity around you.

( Think of change like putting on a new pair of jeans - a bit stiff at first, then a good fit! )

When people don't want to do something that benefits them, it is important to remember that we cannot force another to improve their life, no matter how much we try, or what reasons we give them. That comes off as being pushy and annoying. (Remember being a teenager. when everyone was telling you what to do and how to do it? Yep - I do)

Change happens when someone is ready for change. As some would say "when they're ripe!"

Instead, let's just see it for what it is and love them anyway. It is their choice after all. But that doesn't mean we have to like it.


Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday inspirations for health and wellness. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a tiki freak, loves nature and double dipping her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.