Self-Care: More than the Body - it's about the Soul

Doing something for your soul is just as important as doing something for your physical body.

It's not about conforming to what society tells you to do in your time off or even what your family wants, but about investing in yourself.

What feeds YOU?!

Doing what you love to do to support your spirit is following your intuition to a place that may actually feel uncomfortable for you at first. Those self criticizing thoughts come through and you may even question if it was the right choice because it feels downright selfish, and, wrong.

I've watched people in my family do things solely for other people in their lives and observed how beyond those actions they looked downright miserable because they feel guilty about giving some solid pleasure to their lives through serious me-time.


Me-time IS self-care.

This is so important, I'm going to say it again.

Me-time IS self-care.


Me-time is about re-grouping and re-orienting to yourself in your life for you.


Investing in yourself is an act of self-love. 

Self-love reverberates throughout your life into your family, friends, community, the world, and the universe.

When we invest in our lives from the heart and soul, we feel more abundance and thrive form a deeper place of being.

So, I'd love to know what you do that supports your spirit and feeds your life with more abundance.

Let me know below.


Lisa Kai is a licensed bodywork therapist in Chicago Illinois. She specializes in transformational bodywork including Lomi Lomi and Visionary Craniosacral. This blog contains her insights on bodywork and everyday tips for practicing Aloha for the body, mind, and spirit. Lisa also practices Aloha, is a nature loving tikiphile, digs jazz (well, all types of music really!), double dips her veggies, is an artist, and embraces change.