The Vibration of Words

I watch a lovely stray cat (who has taken it upon himself to make my yard his home) and see how he is just enjoying life. This lovely cat, without a home, is enjoying the moment.

As I run errands, I begin to notice how many people seem to NOT enjoy the moments that occur in life. The trite, the "average"/ho-hum, the under stimulated, the good, the not so good, and the ugly.

If you really listen to conversations around you; on the train, after a yoga class, walking in the park; people often have pretty low vibration, negative things to say. Sometimes about everything.

My first impression is that people hold onto experiences in hopes that they will be repeated in EXACTLY the same way, and that we, as humans, beat ourselves up , feeling guilty and small if we are not accomplishing something, anything for every minute of every day. (That is seriously heavy, right there...)

Some examples I recently heard, said as if they were "life shattering moments", are as follows:
(The words in capitals were emphasized by the speaker)
I wasn't able to do that yoga pose TODAY
I wasn't CLEVER ENOUGH on twitter

I have to laugh, because I do this too, but writing them down for this post, they seem so trivial and down right silly.

It seems that we're all so busy disempowering ourselves with the small stuff, that it is difficult to put the "baggage" down, or away in the closet, for just a moment, or two, or three...

With that, here is an exercise I really like to play around with lately.
It's super simple, and requires only one thing - replacing the word should to could.
I should workout becomes I could workout.

This is a powerful word change for me. An immediate difference is felt. With the word "should" there is a sense of guilt, judgement, and even some shame. But when I replace it with "could", a kinder, gentler vibe kicks in. There is an immediate sense of choice that is empowering in the action instead of negating.
It really does show how quickly we can effect how we feel aboutwhat we do, and change our mindset. Pretty cool, I must say!

So back to this image of the stray cat residing in my yard... He is homeless. He hunts for a good portion of his food. He fights for his territory. Yet, he still finds enjoyment to take a sun shower, lay under a tree, stretch upon awakening, and take a swat at the occasional butterfly.
No "should-haves". No being bored with sitting around. Just enjoying life.

Wishes for you to enjoy a part of life that way today.