Lisa Kai's Personal Message to You

Aloha! How awesome is it that whatever journey you’re on right now, you found me and my website! Synchronicity is magical, isn't it? 


I am a licensed healing facilitator. I am also an artist, alchemist, poet, tikiphile, and yogini!
You get it all - a little bit hippy, non-dogmatic spiritual viewpoint, 70's girl who has a health and planet consciousness mindset, creativity and curiosity for exploring what's coming up, and a solid midwest groundedness.
I have always been curious with what is beyond our everyday physical and sensory experience of life. (Mahalo Great Grandma!)
My travels, inner work, trainings, teaching, and life experiences continually teach and remind me how incredible it is that by listening to our inner selves, we can transform and integrate changes into our lives in the smallest, yet, most profound ways to experience more personal joy, balance, and clarity of mind everyday. (inner guidance, sense of community, better overall health, and more.)

I believe that we are more than our physical bodies; that we also have a magnetic field, emotional field, mental field, and astral field. I also believe
that we are made of energy that is connected to the entire web of life, (herbs, trees, stars, each other) and I am passionate about being more conscious of how we as humans, and our many bodies/fields, are affected by this web of life.

I believe that your inner self gives you all the information you need for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and am committed to helping you find the balance and clarity between your inner and outer worlds. Whether it's digging into a pizza for dinner, eating fried bologna, going for a walk in the woods, or taking on a new challenge, I don't judge.

This balance, although delicate at times, is super important to living empowered, healthy, vibrant lives.and spiritual well-being.

To help you uncover and balance your relationship to your inner, most authentic self, without your old stories, is my mission.

Think of me as the guide to help you access your inner self through all your bodies by understanding how the different parts play together so you are able to put all the nuggets of wisdom fo your unique body, mind, and spirit together to fully and clearly express yourself everyday.

Witnessing transformation and self-healing with clients is rewarding on so many levels. I love to share all I have learned on my journey to empower you towards your highest, happiest, most authentic state of being, wherever you are in life!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mahalo and Big Love,
Lisa Kai
773 .330 .3214

**** On a side note, here are somethings about me that you may encounter as part of the package: I am spiritual, not attached to a singular religion. I am a nature buff who loves quiet places, and I am straight to the point (no BS here).
Things I love that you may find on my FB Ku Bodywork page:
I love Hawaii, art, jazz, "gourmet" food, travel, yoga, am a "tikiphile", and appreciate a good stiff drink every now and then! I am big into local farming and conservation. I can delve deep, but also hold a conversation about movies. I may use words like hip, groovy, cool, good vibes, no sh__, holy crap, can you dig it, and that sucks. Sometimes I swear like a sailor as well, I am human. I guess that's it. Let's connect soon! ****