Lisa Kai's Personal Message to You

Aloha Ladies! How awesome is it that whatever journey you’re on right now, you found me and my website! Synchronicity is magical, isn't it? 


I’m Lisa, a personal growth enthusiast and 20 year practitioner of bodywork therapies that help you remember the wholeness within to feel more connected, love, flow, and empowerment in your life everyday. 
(I am also an artist, poet, alchemist, tikiphile, yogini and very groovy!)

I’ve always helped people around me to see their wholeness within themselves, their tribe, their communities, and had life changing experiences in both my Craniosacral and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi certification processes that opened me up to the depth of our intuition and the energy that circulates deeply within us, and how they both extend into our personal lives.

I have experienced and explored this connection to my wholeness deeply within myself through bodywork on extended retreats, advanced trainings, and regularly with mentors, coaches, and therapists.

These experiences still teach and remind me how magical it is that by listening to our intuition and being in-tune with our energy, we can see things differently and integrate changes into our lives in the smallest, yet, most profound ways to experience our true essence fully with more personal joy, harmony, and vitality in mind. body, and spirit everyday.

“My Story”
I used to say I was clueless. Really, I felt deeply and was highly aware of energy which freaked me out! So I tried to bury this deep visceral intuition by staying in the mind; existentially questioning, dreaming, and exploring concepts to keep me out of my body and emotions.

After receiving bodywork for many years, I realized that staying in my mind kept me disconnected from my inner guidance system and separate from other people. I was completely out of tune with my physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
I was mindful yet still felt incomplete. I was happy on the surface - but not joyful.

I didn't have the confidence to understand what this meant, or the resources to work with it.
Until I realized that my main tool is bodywork!
I use bodywork, specifically Hawai'ian Lomi Lomi and Visionary Craniosacral, to help me get in touch with that deep knowing intuition and my heart, that visceral part of us. I use bodywork as a tool to dive deep inside and witness what comes up to experience presence and harmony more completely throughout my day and life.
I use bodywork, plant wisdom, aromatherapy, and a whole box of other resources to integrate all the different parts of me - including those beautifully vulnerable emotions - and move forward in my life with self-love, acceptance, and non-judgement.
My bodywork practice is about sharing this with you and helping you to remember and embrace your wholeness!

So my journey has been one of remembering to tune-in and listen, witnessing without judgement, and learning to trust.

To trust my energy and the tangible resources I have to help me feel love, cared for, and connected to others.

To trust deeply.

To trust my innate inner knowing instead of my head.

To trust all that all the different parts of me are here to help me on my journey of awareness to wholeness, to joy.
To trust my body in telling me what it needs for more vitality; food, herbs, exercise, oils...
To trust the continuous small changes I need to make to feel healthier, joyful, more vibrant, more complete and in-tune with fluctuating needs.

To trust the evolution occurring even when I didn't know it was occurring - when all I knew was that I just felt better, more alive, and healthier in my body, mind, and spirit.

To trust that all this is about embodying the power of my unique body, mind, spirit alchemy with compassion, self love, and acceptance so I move forward with a bit more grace and ease. More "glow and flow" if you will ;)

Remembering to trust is transformational!
Deep listening is empowering!
Witnessing is a life-long practice :)

Think of me as the guide to help you deepen the trust in your inner essence and listen from the heart to understand how the different parts play together so you are able to put all the nuggets of wisdom for your unique body, mind, and spirit together to fully experience more vitality, energy, and harmony everyday.

Witnessing transformation with clients is rewarding on so many levels. I love to share all I have learned on my journey to empower you towards your highest, happiest, most authentic state of being, wherever you are in life! (That’s wholeness!)

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mahalo and Big Love,
Lisa Kai
773 .330 .3214

**** On a side note, here are somethings about me that you may encounter as part of the package: I am spiritual, not attached to a singular religion. I am a nature buff who loves quiet places, and I am straight to the point (no BS here).
Things I love that you may find on my FB Ku Bodywork page:
I love Hawaii, art, jazz, music, "gourmet" food, travel, yoga, am a "tikiphile", and appreciate a good stiff drink every now and then! I am big into local farming and conservation. I can delve deep, but also hold a conversation about movies. I may use words like hip, groovy, cool, good vibes, no sh__, holy crap, can you dig it, and that sucks. Sometimes I swear like a sailor as well, I am human. I guess that's it. Let's connect soon! ****