Lisa Kai's Personal Message to You

Aloha! How awesome is it that whatever journey you’re on right now, you found me and my website! It’s no coincidence; of that, I am a firm believer. Mahalo for taking the time to read my personal message to you. I will try to keep it short...


I am a healing practitioner. I am also an artist, alchemist, poet, tikiphile, and yogini! I have always been curious with what is beyond our everyday physical and sensory experience of life. Especially when I went to massage school. Doors opened for more of the spiritual and mystical sides of life for me. I have learned how incredible it is that by listening to our selves at a soul level, we can transform our minds, bodies, spirit, and lives in the smallest, yet, most profound ways.

If there seems to be theme to my services, there is. I DIG ENERGY! Everything about it. I can't help myself. It creates everything and is in everything - from our view of the world and beliefs, to our physical body and all of its systems. Energy is movement. When it stagnates, is when our minds, bodies, and spirits become grumpy and disconnected from vital chi energy and living a life that is healthy, whole, and happy.
In this fast-paced, outward based world, how do we stay in touch with our inner-selves to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant? How do we do this everyday, in times of chaos and disconnect as well as those of balance? At work and at play? Your groove may be different than mine and everyone else - and that's what makes energy so powerful. It's yours, and yours alone to transform the way you'd like!

The bodywork services I provide are all based in ancient beliefs (yep, my beliefs too) that we are more than our physical bodies. That we are made of energy that is connected to the entire web of life (herbs, trees, the universe, each other).

My work supports and facilitates the body-mind's own ability to achieve balance and wholeness for you to shift your energy, physically and beyond, and transform your life. To get you in touch with your inner spirit and empower you to just plain feel better in the world however you'd like to.
If you're not happy and feeling whole in your own body, your true self can't emerge and shine in all areas of life.

Think of me as the bridge to clear slow-moving energy, get you in touch with your inner spirit (soul/being/self), and support you to shine your light more clearly and express yourself fully in this world feeling happy and connected to the physical body you have.

Personal transformation and self-healing with clients is rewarding on so many levels. I love to share all I have learned on my journey to empower you towards your highest, happiest, most authentic state of being!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mahalo and Big Love,
Lisa Kai
773 .330 .3214

**** On a side note, here are somethings about me that you may encounter as part of the package: I am spiritual, not attached to a singular religion. I am a nature buff who loves quiet places, and I am straight to the point (no BS here).
Things I love that you may find on my FB Ku Bodywork page:
I love Hawaii, art, jazz, "gourmet" food, travel, yoga, am a "tikiphile", and appreciate a good stiff drink every now and then! I am big into local farming and conservation. I can delve deep, but also hold a conversation about movies. I may use words like hip, groovy, cool, good vibes, no sh__, and that sucks. I guess that's it. Let's connect soon! ****