Herbalism and Aromatherapy Consultations


This page is still under construction, but here's a bit about it.

Lisa is a family and everyday Herbalist, Essential Oil aromatherapist, and Flower Essence practitioner with a focus on Women in the changes of life.

Herbs, Oils, and Flower essences are used to support your health and overall well-being. There is no diagnosis, cure, or remedies involved.
Lisa teaches improving lifestyle habits, and gives advice for promoting the bodies natural healing abilities to assist the use of the herbs and oils into your life.

Although based in the solid physical and physiological understanding of the human body, working with herbs, essential oils, and flower essences is a very alchemical process. Each person responds to the herbs and their properties very differently.

Lisa is a Certified Family Herbalist with the School of Natural Healing and is currently studying with Rosita Arvigo and Matthew Wood adding to her strong base of knowledge and skills on a purely physical level, and also a strong spiritual connection to herbs and herbalism.

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