Meditation Sessions


If you're a newbie, are you simply curious as to how meditation can be of benefit to you in your life? Will it help you? What IS it?

Are you more "seasoned" and looking to deepen your practice by adding guidance and inspiration, or mantras? Or "reboot" your practice?

No matter where you're at, even if you have "fallen off the wagon", a private (one-on-one) meditation session offers you a priceless block of time to learn more about your inner self, your needs, and brings clarity to your life. (relationships, work, spiritual needs)
These sessions are great for anyone of any religious denomination.

Among other things, one on one meditation sessions provide:
* everyday tools that inspire you live in a more empowering and mindful way.
* A feeling of relaxation and focused thinking throughout your day.
* A priceless understanding yourself - where your desires and actions and reactions come from. aka: WHY am I doing this?
* A deep knowing of yourself to navigate your life smoothly and with awareness.

Lisa has been meditating since she was a little girl, tagging along to classes with her mom in the early 1970's.  She is qualified and inspired to share her experience, tools, and insights on body awareness and meditation that feeds inner health.
"Your mind and body are super connected as science shows. Learning to become aware of emotions that create reactions and reclaiming your inner self assists with daily living and any spiritual practice."
In service, Lisa Kai

One on one initial and continuing meditation sessions include:
* some discussion at the beginning, breathing exercises and some sort of meditation practice (seated, guided, silent, stillness, movement...)

75 minute initial private in person, home space "set up" session -  $100 ( home space set up is within 15 miles of downtown Chicago)
60 minute initial session - $75
Continuing 30 minute one-on-one sessions in person or by phone/skype/facetime $45
15 minute phone/skype/facetime sessions are $30

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