One-on-One Reiki Classes and Attunements


Usui Reiki Symbol

Usui Reiki Symbol

What is Reiki you ask?
Reiki is an energy balancing technique used for stress and relaxation. It comes from Japan and is derived from these words:
Rei = divine wisdom, divine guidance, divine knowing
Ki = Loving Universal life force energy that surrounds and permeates everything living and non-living.
Given that, Reiki is a universal, guided, divinely created loving energy that knows where to go, how to long to stay in an area, and is only for the highest good of the person receiving. It's has the potential to bring equilibrium to any imbalance within an energy system be it physical, emotional, mental, or spritual.


Hour Reiki sessions are available for $100 and 30 minutes of Reiki can be added to any other session for an additional $50.
Relax, tune-up your energy, cut-cords, regenerate, balance yourself...


The Reiki classes offered at Ku Bodywork™are taught by Lisa Kai, a Reiki Master Teacher. This was her initial introduction to energy work over 20 years ago, so it holds a special place in her heart and she loves to teach and pass it on to those interested in learning about it.
The ability to perform Reiki is passed on from teacher to student via a formal initiation, attunement and education process.

Whether you want to add Reiki to an existing practice, start a new practice, use it for friends and family, or for your own emotional, spiritual, physical well-being, it is an excellent skill to have.

Why take Reiki training with Lisa Kai / Ku Bodywork™ ?
The Reiki instructor, Lisa Kai, is a Reiki master teacher and has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. After being a Reiki teaching assistant for many years, she began teaching to individuals in one-on-one classes in 2010. She has a wealth of knowledge about energy work and years of professional experience that allows her to know the pitfalls and what may be happening with you over the course of your studies.

The classes offered with Lisa Kai are One-on-One classes, last for 3 hours, and cost $325. Read on below for all the information...

There are 3 separate Level classes taught to become a Reiki Master: Lisa suggests taking them within a month or more of each other to assimilate and allow practice time.

Level 1 Reiki : Basic practitioner($325)
                           Learn the history of Reiki, what energy is, what Reiki energy is, how to direct Reiki energy, and specific techniques to perform safe and
                             effective Reiki sessions for yourself, friends, family, pets that creates measurable change, and more after this class.
                          Receive the Level 1 attunement, a certificate of completion, class materials, a Reiki session for yourself, and priceless
                            one-on-one time to ask any questions you have.

Level 2 Reiki : Reiki Practitioner($325)
                           Learn basic Reiki symbols, specific techniques and hand positions to complete a full treatment for a client, the power of intention, 
                             how to direct and amplify Reiki energy in specific ways, what it means to be a Reiki Practitioner, what you can do to
                             start your own practice.
                           Receive the Level 2 attunement, a certificate of completion, class materials, forms for clients, a Reiki session for yourself,
                             and priceless one-on-one time to ask any questions and delve as deep as you want to go.

Level 3 Reiki : Master - Practitioner($325)
                           Learn the Reiki master symbol, other symbols to add to your sessions (you will know over 20 by the end of all 3 levels) ,
                            techniques for you to amplify the Reiki energy for more powerful sessions, how to clear yourself after a session, and a surprise
                           Receive the Level 3 attunement, a certificate of completion, class materials, a Reiki session for yourself, and priceless one-on-one time
                            to talk about your practice so far and ask any questions you may have directly to Lisa.

For any additional details or specific questions you may have regarding Reiki and the classes, please contact Lisa Kai directly.

Lisa Kai @ 773-330-3214
It's best if you have a few days with 3 hour time blocks (including any travel time) available for scheduling.

Some frequently asked questions about Reiki and Reiki Training


I am not a bodyworker/caretaker and know absolutely nothing about energy. Can I still take this class and be attuned?
Yes, of course! Many people from all over the world seek out Reiki for relaxation and its energy balancing properties. Because of its universal appeal, people from all walks of life receive, learn, and practice Reiki.

What can I use my Reiki training for?
Reiki is an energy balancing technique that works on all levels of imbalance; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.
Whether you want to add Reiki to an existing practice (Nursing, psychotherapy, veterinary work, counseling...), start a new practice, volunteer at a hospital, hospice, church or nursing home, use it for friends, family, and animals, or for your own personal emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being, it is an excellent skill to have.

Does it matter what religion I am?
Many people all over the world seek Reiki therapies for relaxation and energy balancing. Because of its universal appeal and no ties to any particular religion, Reiki is practiced by individuals from all walks of life and religious beliefs.