Sacred Stone Massage

There's nothing like the support of Mother Earth to make you feel good! Warm stones are used to massage your body. The stones become an extension of Lisa’s hands, penetrating into the belly of the muscle to provide a deep, physically restorative and muscular healing treatment.
For a really effective session, a 90 minute massage is suggested to receive the benefits of both warm and cold stones. The warm and cold stones, working together, expand and contract blood vessels supporting your natural muscular and nervous system integration, relieving acute pain, and detoxing your body.

Extra: Many of these stones are carried back from Lisa’s travels in Hawai’i, the mountains and desert of the U.S., and from around the globe. This just adds to the special energy of the session.
60 minute or 90 minute sessions are available (60 minutes $150 / 90 minutes $225)