Ku Bodywork™ believes in living Pono (in right relationship with the environment and all things). Not only does the owner, Lisa Kai, value your unique individuality and life experience, she also values the Earth and it's inhabitants. In doing so, Ku Bodywork™ has made these environmental and sustainable choices...


* Lisa Kai's moved her studio space to her home. It's entrance is completely separate from the living quarters and was designed with YOU in mind!
It is attainable by public transportation, car, and bicycle. Parking is not an issue and you can even lock up your bicycle to a space in the back yard if you decide to ride.
Having her studio in her home keeps her costs down (from travel and space rental to hiring a laundry service) and she passes that on to you.
This enables Lisa Kai to work hours suitable to when her energy is best, be less stressed about time constraints, be very present for the entire session, and spend more time with each client if need be, which is very important for her.

* Organic and/or sustainable essential oils and massage oils and creams are used for your session. This not only supports a healthy environment, but also healthy skin for you. (They are a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it.)

* Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely VOC free, clay paint by BioShield Paint were used on the walls and the room was insulated with recycled denim insulation which helps in outside noise reduction. (Not an option when renting or sharing a space unfortunately.)

* Linens are currently being replaced with organic cotton, and are washed in Eco-friendly, no VOC laundry detergent.

* Hand towels are used instead of paper towels. Artisan handmade soaps and castille soap scented with essential oils are used, and so is recycled toilet paper. There's even a water saving toilet installed in the studio WC.