Synergy Massage

Synergy massage is beyond everyday relaxation therapy. Using the synergistic approach by combining a holistic vision and the listening of Lomi Lomi it promotes relaxation and awareness to all the systems of the body and it's surrounding energy field.

In your session, each modality is chosen specifically for you to remove congestion, alleviate any pain, and allow deep clearing of physical stress and energetic holding.
Synergy massage supports mindfulness of the the patterns held in your physical body and strengthens your connection to your unique body, mind, spirit relationship while raising your vibration in the process. The session may include relaxation massage and specific techniques such as aromatherapy, energy work, orthobionomy, Jin Shin Do acupressure and stretching.

When you leave, you will feel relaxed, energized, and balanced inside and out.

** Synergy massage replaces the relaxation therapy previously offered. **
90 minutes $150.00- and- 2 hours $195.00
If you decide to come monthly, or bi-weekly, in a pre-booked, specified time slot, we can talk about a price for 60 minutes. (This option is only available for Synergy massage. There is no switching between modalities.)